Previous Presenting Companies

Previous Presenting Companies
Company Presenter Event
Ballooning Nest Eggs Amy Moses Technology Capital Forum, 9/14/18
Compound Processing Guardian Stephen Laddy Technology Capital Forum, 9/14/18
Epigencare William Lee Technology Capital Forum, 9/14/18
Just Rivals Craig Richardson Technology Capital Forum, 9/14/18
TygaTrax Marty Spindel Technology Capital Forum, 9/14/18
 Theryon  David Kupfer  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 The Clinician Exchange  Skender Daerti  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 Walk in Dermatology  Steve Dresner  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 Soundmind  Surinder Singh  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 SeeThru  Adi Sedal  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 My Pa Box  Sharjeel Shaw  Healthcare Capital Forum 6/8/18
 Omni-Scient Creations  John Lucido  Technology Capital Forum 3/9/2018
 Munch Money  Chris Kane  Technology Capital Forum 3/9/2018
 Idiom  Tom Kehoe  Technology Capital Forum 3/9/2018
 Food Moves  Joel Cettina  Technology Capital Forum 3/9/2018
 Brimes Energy  Masoud Masoumi  Technology Capital Forum 3/9/2018
 Condition One Nutrition  Matt DeMaio  Food & Beverage  Capital Forum 12/1/17
 Keith’s Nervous Breakdown  Keith Davis  Food & Beverage  Capital Forum 12/1/17
 Foodfaves  Dr. Paul Epstein Food & Beverage Capital Forum 12/1/17
 Ortex Organics  Tom Ferro  Food & Beverage  Capital Forum 12/1/17
 Re-nuble  Tinia Pina  Food & Beverage  Capital Forum 12/1/17
 MUD Frozen Dessert  Sam Friedman  Food & Beverage  Capital Forum 12/1/17
Arfona Justin Marks Healthcare Capital Forum 9/27/17
 Ecosoft Health  Jay Fruin Healthcare Capital Forum 9/27/17
 Healthsapiens  Karim Babay Healthcare Capital Forum 9/27/17
 Vascular Simulations  Stephanie Alwais Healthcare Capital Forum 9/27/17
 Advance Convergence Group  David Antar  Cybersecurity Capital Forum 6/9/17
 GTOP Group  Gary Olson  Cybersecurity Capital Forum 6/9/17
 Mission Solutions Group  Damon Walsh  Cybersecurity Capital Forum 6/9/17
 Code DX  Frank Zinghini  Cybersecurity Capital Forum 6/9/17
 Azone Enterprises  Alex Kriger Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 Digital Direct  Gib Dunham Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 Infiniam Analytical Services  Jim McGowan Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 PMC Technology  Peter Curtis Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 SkillMil  Noel Gonzalez Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 SpaceoutVR  Dennis Adamo Technology Capital Forum 3/10/17
 Bergen Medical Products  Robert Laudadio  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
 Docket  Michael Perretta  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
 Dr.Leonardo  John Pellman  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
 Medflyt  Levi Pavlovsky  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
 Patient Innovations Ken Greenberg  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
 Tangen  John Nobile  Healthcare Capital Forum 12/9/16
Assessment Innovation Keven Greaney Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
ConnectandSell Chris Beall Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
DatArcs Tomer Morad Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
Mobileware Yun Zhang Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
RABT Yiannis Broustas Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
Rally Bus Numaan Akram Technology Capital Forum, 9/16/16
Chroma-Fish Gabe Ruttner Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
Commute Safety John Mackey Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
EZ Pocket Eyewear Wayne Rubin Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
MeVee Tomer Dicturel Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
Quikkis Steve Kaufman Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
Re-nuble Tinia Pina Consumer Products Capital Forum, 5/6/16
Neural Tourniquet Christopher Czura Healthcare Capital Forum, 1/22/16
North Harbor Trading Corporation Thomas Kehoe  Healthcare Capital Forum, 1/22/16
Soteria Jeffrey Peterson  Healthcare Capital Forum, 1/22/16
Theragnostic Technologies Balaji Sitharaman  Healthcare Capital Forum, 1/22/16
Remote Medical Technologies  Don Marchon  Healthcare Capital Forum, 1/22/16
Company Presenter Event
Buncee Marie Clarke-Arturi Technology Capital Forum, 10/23/15
Centrallo Michael Sher Technology Capital Forum, 10/23/15
Code Dx Anita D’Amico  Technology Capital Forum, 10/23/15
Poem Technology  Arnold Stillman  Technology Capital Forum, 10/23/15
URBNEYE  David Palmieri  Technology Capital Forum, 10/23/15
In En Tec  Jeffrey Surma  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Thermolift, Inc.  Jonathan Haas  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Triglia Technologies  Joe Triglia  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Bonded Energy  Jerritt Gluck  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Brimes Energy  Ramuel Maramara  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Monolayer Technologies Jason Zhou  Green Energy Capital Forum, 7/23/15
Robust Renewable Chemical Feedback Dr. John Shanklin Tech Transfer Capital Forum, 5/8/15
Green Sulfcrete Bill Biamonte Tech Transfer Capital Forum, 5/8/15
Superconducting Electric Grid Protection Dr. Solovyov Vyacheslav Tech Transfer Capital Forum, 5/8/15
Nanotech Anti-Reflective Surface Coating Dr. Charles Black Tech Transfer Capital Forum, 5/8/15
Water Shield for Surfaces Dr. Charles Black Tech Transfer Capital Forum, 5/8/15
Win Win Solutions Jay Bernstein Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
UB Sports Greg Burton Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
Open Capital Exchange Noah Smith Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
Urgent Consult Ilana Bander Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
Talent Browser Janet Dwyer Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
Risk Business, Inc. Peter Fiorillo  Technology Capital Forum, 1/30/15
AdMedDev Rick Mulkin  Healthcare Capital Forum, 11/7/14
Anschel Technology David Anschel  Healthcare Capital Forum, 11/7/14
PAXMed Lishan Aklog  Healthcare Capital Forum, 11/7/14
Symbiotic Health Gerard Honig  Healthcare Capital Forum, 11/7/14
Traverse Biosciences Joseph Scaduto  Healthcare Capital Forum, 11/7/14
Sprayology Ellie Whalen  Consumer Products Forum, 7/24/14
Flower Turbines Daniel Farb  Consumer Products Forum, 7/24/14
Digital Impact Group Bill Maier  Consumer Products Forum, 7/24/14
Digital Beverages Martin Arellano  Consumer Products Forum, 7/24/14
Admiral Tech Vincent Carrubba  Consumer Products Forum, 7/24/14
Certerra, Inc. Pavel Osten  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
Autoimmune Therapeutics, Inc. Thomas Coleman  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
Envisagenics, Inc. Maria Luisa Pineda  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
Cirrus Health Thomas Thornton  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
ASOThera Isabel Aznarez  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
TheraSource, LLC Weng Lang Ph. D.  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
DepYMed Dr. Irach Taraporewala  Biotech Capital Forum, 5/9/14
Ringlead, Inc. Donato Diorio  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
CareBooker Jenna Dreher Fernandes  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
Dashbid Media, LLC Tom Herman  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
FlightPartner Douglas Schmohl  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
ImCoSys, Inc. Christian Studelien  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
Mobile Health One, Inc. David Crane  Technology Capital Forum, 3/7/14
Sweet Amanda’s Steven Bruck  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
The Powerful Yogurt Carlos Ramirez  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
Cupcake Digital Brad Powers  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
MedCAS, LLC Miles Siegel  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
IR Protective Devices Sanford Rossen and Dr. Lorrence Green  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
Pillar Rock USA Richard Lewis  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13 Mahmud Wazihullah  Consumer Products Capital Forum, 9/13/13
A Novel Treatment for Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer Nicholas Tonks  BioTech Technology Capital Forum,  6/14/13
RapidCaP Lloyd Trotman  BioTech Technology Capital Forum,  6/14/13
Velocin-NTM John Wilson  BioTech Technology Capital Forum,  6/14/13
Wilson Advanced Research John Wilson  BioTech Technology Capital Forum,  6/14/13
First Wave Technologies Brian Bell  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
CytoSorbents Phillip Chan  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
Mobile Health One David Crane  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
Raland Therapeutics, Inc. Bill Rader  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
Venus Pharmaceuticals Bharat Kakumanu  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
Adhere Tech Josh Stein  Health Care Capital Forum, 3/8/13
Collector Zoo Bill Hatzichristos  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
EventNow Alex Kombos  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
Student Launcher Tom Krieglstein  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
General Sentiment Pete Moran  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
Karma 411 John Murcott  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12 Tyler Roye  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
BoomerPPL Richard Azar  Social Media Capital Forum, 12/14/12
IP Video Corporation David Antar  Cyber Security Capital Forum, 9/14/12
Strategic Security Resources Louis Barani  Cyber Security Capital Forum, 9/14/12
aSIP, Inc. Christopher Nolan  Cyber Security Capital Forum, 9/14/12
Secure Decisions Frank Zinghini  Cyber Security Capital Forum, 9/14/12
Wiznucleus Krish Shetty  Cyber Security Capital Forum, 9/14/12
SynchroPET, LLC Marc Alessi  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
Superconducting Magnetic Power Storage Kimberley Elcess  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
GeOx Lithium Ion Battery Technology Kimberley Elcess  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
Oil & Gas/ Radiation Detector Technology Steven Wood  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
NextRay, Inc. Zhong Zhong  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Inc. Jim Ionson  Technology Transfer Capital Forum, 6/8/12
Pension Governance, LLC Susan Mangiero  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Environ Energy US Robert Midura  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Protein Sciences Corporation Richard Troy  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Reliant Enterprise Communications Ltd. Keith Summers  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
e2e Logistics Consulting Inc. Hank Ulrich  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
ConnectMe Voice Scott Seltzer  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Fair Gaming, Inc Tod Levitt  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Endomedix, Inc. John Abrahams  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Zero FootPrint Solutions, LLC Paul Langer  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Infrared Sciences Corp Thomas Dicicco  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
BeeDrive Technologies LLC Ariaan Kolff  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Edvise Partners David Earle  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
Intelecom Solutions Joseph Fiorillo  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/7/07
SPD Control Systems Corporation Jay Moskowitz  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
GPShopper Alex Muller  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
LinguaFlex Victor Hatala  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Odyne Corporation Josh Hauser  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Intrigma Inc. Tal Eidelberg  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Whitewater Mobile Davor Dokonal  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Schramm Sports & Entertainment, Inc. Joseph Schramm  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Auricle Hearing Enhancement Centers Jonathan Steiman  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Wizwak Mobile Messaging William Stutzman  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Chromis Fiberoptics Whitney White  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Polar Industries, Inc. Geoffrey Anderson  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
RE: Formed Systems, Inc. John Badman  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Population Diagnostics Jim Chinitz  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Gales Industries David Karlin  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
SLM Holdings Inc. Peter Cohen  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Fitquest 4 Kids Jason Kraus  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/8/06
Next Generation Networks Michael Jones  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
bioMETRX Technologies, Inc. Mark Basile  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Charity Folks LLC Jonathan Whitticom  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
The Direct Response Group, LLC Christopher Ulrich  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Voicebrook Ross Weinstein  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Versify Solutions, LLC Jeremy Shane  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Exactor, Inc. Jonathan Barsade  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Long Island Fiber Exchange, Inc. Kurt Berlinghof  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Human-i-Tees Paul DiPrato  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
VCinema, Inc. Derrick Bulawa  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
3G Ultrasound Inc Howard Fidel  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Links Ventures LLC Samuel Hochman  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Nextek Power Systems, Inc. Paul Savage  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Rogar Studios, Inc. Amy Hraniotis  LI/NY Metro Capital Forum, 6/9/05
Gustbuster Steven Asman
Weston Software Inc. John Babyak
CST Growth, LLC Richard Carlton, M.D.
Tommy Moloneys William Colbert
Jaco Builders Cliff Fetner
Sustainable Waste Power Systems Chris Gillespie
Lipose Corp Grant Gittlin
Clout Mobile Games Andy Harrison
CyVek, Inc. Per Hellsund
AP Goldshield LLC Thomas Higgins
Aseismic Jason Juliano
PrivaMed, Inc. Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh
Cytex One Daniel Levine
Clean Vehicle Solutions Michael Misseri
PaperCutz, Inc. Terry Nantier
Bella Baby Foods, LLC. Marisa O’Donnell
DiaperBuds, LLC LeeAnn Piazzola
Soft Tissue Regeneration, Inc. Joseph Reilly
Worldwide Pharm Careers, Inc DBA Pharmstorm Maryellen Ruvolo Fred Silverman
Team GBA John Taylor
Brian Balance Centers Ed Teixiera
Switch2Health Corp. Seth Tropper
Bownce Mandisa Turner Watkins
One on One Ads James Vander Putten

presenting company quotes

“This was my first time in presenting Dr. Leonardo to a group of potential investors.  In doing so, I learned a great deal about what piques an investor’s interest in a company and how they might value a return on an investment.”

John J. Pellman
President & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Leonardo Interactive Webservice

“The Docket™ Team is very appreciative for all the support and guidance we have received from the Long Island Capital Alliance (LICA). December’s LICA Healthcare Forum was a fantastic experience. And, we look forward to cultivating the relationships we’ve forged as a result of the conference. Together with LICA, we are confident in our abilities to disrupt our niche within the healthcare space.”

Michael Perretta
Founder & CEO
Docket Inc.

“The LICA event on technology was a forum to present my business to a wealth of professional investors.  It also provided a great networking opportunity for Assessment Innovation to connect with potential clients. The work behind the scenes make it seamless to get my message across to the Long Island business community.”

Kevin Greaney
Assessment Innovation

“I was impressed by the LICA showcase, which attracted a lot of good people interested in innovation and technology. This was high-quality attendance. At the end of the day, I’m a big advocate of companies looking for sources of capital in untapped or underserved markets. There’s money everywhere. It’s actually getting the product to the money that’s the difficult thing to do, and LICA is well-positioned to help do it.

Dr. Daniel Wolfe
Harris & Harris Group
Key note Speaker

“I wish I had known about LICA sooner. Overall I had a very positive experience with it.  It was great to have the opportunity not only to tell our story but also to network with investors and professionals from Long Island.  Several connections and followups established because of it.   Best of all, many attendees came to me after the presentation and told me that they are one of our users and how much they enjoy using our onTime app.”

Yun Zhang

“RiskBusiness found the capital forum to be a highly professional and beneficial event. We have already met with three investor groups that we met at the forum, and anticipate the possibility of raising growth capital from at least one of them that will enable us to effectuate our business plan. We thank LICA, and especially LICA’s chairman and our LICA ‘coach’, Neil Kaufman, for inviting us to participate and assisting us through the process of building a world-class technology company right here on Long Island.”

Peter J. Fiorillo
President and CEO
RiskBusiness, Inc