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Date(s) - June 08, 2012
8:00 am - 10:30 am

Featuring 6 Emerging Growth Companies Technologies Developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Friday, June 8, 8:00am – 10:30am 
8:00 am    Breakfast & Networking (Continental Breakfast Served)
8:30 am   Introduction 
8:35  am  Jeff Bass Award                                                          
8:45 am  BNL/DOE presentation                                                    
8:55 am  Corey Massella introduces 6 presenting companies
9:50 am   Investor Panel 
10:45 am Conclusion 
68 S. Service Road, Melville, NY
(Meeting Auditorium below Lobby Level)
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The capital forum provides an opportunity to meet capital providers and businesses seeking capital, as well as to hear a panel of industry experts discuss financing alternatives for technology transfer companies.
Presenting Companies:
Hybridyne Imaging 
Hybridyne focuses on endoscopic imaging of the prostate to detect and localize cancer. The probe is designed to position the camera less than an inch from the gland, so a lower total dose of radioactive tracer can be used. Users can obtain the location of the abnormal tissue within the region of interest in an accurate, rapid, and less invasive manner.
SynchroPET is bringing to market the next generation of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners which have superior imaging capabilities to what is currently available in the pre-clinical and clinical markets today. SynchroPET’s technology is unique in that it can be paired with a pre-existing MRI machine enabling simultaneous imaging and has greater clarity than any other device on the market today.
A company founded by several current and former Brookhaven employees hopes to transfer a high-resolution, low-dose imaging technique from the synchrotron to the doctor’s office. This breakthrough technology produces more detailed images with less than one percent of the radiation used by current X-ray modality.
GeOX Lithium Ion Batteries
BSA 12-01 – Porous Amorphous Germanium Oxide for Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes, US Patent pending
There is great interest in developing novel anode materials for high-performance Li-ion batteries, which are the key parts of portable electronic device, electric vehicles, and grid energy storage. This technology will create more powerful battery with that will last longer between charges, and have a longer lifetime than current lithium ion batteries.
O&G/Radiation Detector      
BSA 07-22 – Room Temperature Radiation Detector for Oil & Gas Exploration,  US Patent pending
With their less stringent cooling requirements and small size, these compact cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors can be deployed in spaces too small for conventional detectors to reach. Their ability to identify isotopes and perform high-spatial-resolution digital imaging is also expected to impact several medical, environmental, and national-security markets.
The Super Conducting Magnetic Power Storage & Transmission
Their superconducting power storage technology eliminates power leakage through transmission lines which can revolutionize the power grid worldwide.
Industry Investor Panelists:
David L. Calone: CEO of Jove Equity Partners LLC
William J. Catacosinos: Managing Partner of Laurel Hill Capital Partners LLC
John Maroney: VP, Office of Technology Transfer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Steve Winick: Principla of Topspin Partners, LLP


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